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Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Monday fellow EDM fans, I know it's a little late but here are your freebies. We had a crazy weekend here at Electric Youth Supremacy, so we have decided to make this one extra special for you all. So here are some great tracks to spice up your set or to add to any playlist.

First up it a great remix by Don Rimini of Justin Timberlake, Let The Groove In. Great drums and nice tropical feel.

Sinden & Brenmar really out did them self with this beautiful House track.  Can't believe they released this track for.  You have to check this one out.

When I think of Acid Jack, I never know what to expect. This track is no exception, His collaboration with Rule Of Eight is Great. Acid House at it's best.

Next up we have an up and coming Duo from Mexico City. This guy are really making a name for them self and hitting it hard. This a great remix of Marmol's Vostok. Put your hand's up for Noisy Roit
This next track is very gracefully produced. Rynecologist really out did him self with this soulful remix.

All you A Tribe Called Quest fan's, in for a treat. Check out this great remix by Bit Funk. Nu Disco Goodness

Last but not least, we have SD very own Top DJs TJR and Deth Herts. Great Original Mix by this two guys. Sure to be in my playlist for a while.


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