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Electric Youth Supremacy is a EDM Blog from San Diego, CA. We do it big, funky, dirty and just plain sexy. What's hot in the underground and new upcoming artists that are killing it. Our blog is about the love for Electric Dance Music of all kinds. We stay true to our root's and what is hitting big in the scene. We keep you updated on upcoming shows, events and festivals around the world. New release's and upcoming artists are always a must in any blog so expect it. "Don't talk about it be about it!"

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Last week Future Music put out an incredible studio tour, this guy has epic tracks with some killer techno stabs and great drum work. We have none other than Sharooz! Sharooz is on labels such as GND and Circuit Freq and he will be playing at HARD Summer this year (don't miss out). Here at EYS we love analog and techno so we decided to share it. Check it out!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Techno is taking a huge turning point, with artists emerging from different parts of the world. This post features two brothers who have made the genre theirs and are pretty damn good at it. With support from the likes of Molecule, Madame, Workerpoor, Brodinski, Harvard Bass and much much more. Their Newest EP Nu Heirs has a barrage of techno stabs and huge synth work. Pick it up later this month through Police Records.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's thursday people and we have some essential tracks to start your weekend off right! This playlist is one I've been playing out a lot recently, a lot of new good techno for your ears.

First off we got none other than Germany's own Turbo Turbo & S-File with this massive collaboration. The epic synth work and percussions are immaculate make sure to pick it up. Out now on GND records!    

This next artist is no stranger when it comes to Techno, his 303esque tracks and shuffling drums are sure to make you move. Hailing from Japan we have none other than Hoshina Anniversary with his latest EP on BNR Trax. Check it out!

If you haven't heard of this EP yet then make sure you take a long hard look at the epic album artwork, it definitely reflects the hard work that was put into it. Last but not least we have Maelstrom's Discord which is sure to make your set gold.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Deadmau5... everyone has heard the name but did you know that he has an alter ego for techno? Yes you heard me right TECHNO! You might think of electro and progressive house when you hear his name, but he is making headlines with his new track on MINUS (his alter ego name being testpilot). Check it out.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I am all about techno, I eat breathe and sleep it and here at EYS we love posting some good techno.
This post is for those new tracks that are nothing but gold, check it out.

First off we have none other than Bromance #14 featuring Monsieur Monsieur. These guys make nothing but techno bangers with some aggressive techno synths, they assault you with techno. Bromance has nothing but good artists being a sub label of Skrillex's own OWSLA they already made it to the big leagues (as if they weren't before).

This guy makes the sickest techno arpeggios ever, the intrusion of his epic synths make this track an EYS favorite for sure. MODEK is his name and if you haven't heard it you probably don't know techno. Here's his latest remix on Dr. Lekroluv's on Lekroluv Records. PURE GOLD.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Were back and have a a lot of things to catch up on, as well as many changes to come during the following months. Here at Electric Youth we love house, anything from deep to Nu Disco, G-house to Garage and everything in between. Theirs a lot of big hitter's who are killing at the moment, such as all the Dirty Bird Players, Cajmere, the guys at Nurvous Records, Anime Edge & Dance and many others. The following artists are really making a name from themselves and need more recognition for their work.

Sonny Fodera had a huge year in 2013 with releases on Defected, a collaboration EP with Cajmere and a great release on Green Velvets album through his very own imprint Relief Records. Of course there are many more to talk about but were not in 2013 anymore, its a new year! His latest EP on Cajual Records included collabs with Cajmere and Doorly, both tracks are perfect for any set and sure to get you sweating. Set to be released next week, make sure to check them out. Enjoy

While on the subject of Doorly make sure to check out his new remix of Corbus's We are Sound.
Forthcoming on 3 Beat Records!

Here at Electric Youth were big on the hole g-house movement and upcoming artists, this next Brazilian duo are really coming up and someone to watch out for. Dash Groove's been releasing on a bunch of label and have great support from artists like Amine Edge & Dance, Thee Cool Cats, Sirus Hood and Shiba San. Check on their new EP coming out on Secret tunes.

Next up we have the legendary  Freeform Five feat Roisin Murphy on Ekimio Records, this has to be my favorite release so far this year. The production and vocals are just mind blowing great Nu- Disco track. A lot great remix for as well you have to check it.

Last but least is an artist how not been getting enough  credit for his work, Vanilla Ace is in on a class on his own. He has releases on some of the biggest labels including Bunny Tiger, Dear Deer, D Vision, Toolroom, and Southern Fired just to name a few. Here are so of my favorite releases from the outstanding artist, much love from Electric Youth Supremacy.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Techno is hitting the electronic music scene this year with a BANG! Acts such as Boys Noize, Gesaffelstein, and NT89 are sweeping the world and taking it by surprise. Even though the origins of techno date back to the 1980's the mainstream has drowned it and held it down. Fast forward to today, kids are switching genres like a kid on add, this just might be the year for TECHNO. This post goes out to all that talent that is very unappreciated by the masses.

Mr. Magnetik is one of those people who are not recognized enough for the work he's putting in. Hailing from Belgium, his latest EP Forme Noire was released on S-File's own GND records. This EP is a barrage of techno stabs and shuffling hats that is sure to keep any dance floor going. 

This next track is done by none other than Electric Youth Supremacy's founders Erick Solo & Sherdisco. Heavy techno artillery was loaded in the making of this track, it is immaculate. Anger has already gained support from the likes of David Carretta, Workerpoor, Sharooz, Dimeuhduzen, Rob De Large, Starkillers, Posso & looKas. Out February 25th through Circuit Freq Records.

Suatra is techno Count Coyu's own imprint, this label has been putting the underground scene on the spot with a lot of their releases. Kitties and the underground is what coyu is all about and he's not afraid to show it. At the moment there are 32 tracks from this label on the top 100 (7 which are techno), how insane is that? This Spaniard has risen to stardom and here at EYS we are proud to showcase the hidden talent most people don't see (and its right in from of their eyes). Here are some of my favorite releases to date check them out. 

Carretta & Workerpoor have a dark unique french techno style that is very iconic in the scene. These two have worked with so much good artists including the likes of Louisahh!!! and The Hacker just to name a few. The synth work put in their tracks is impeccable, everything that comes out of them is pure gold, no exceptions! check out one of their newest tracks and mix tapes below.

Heavy heavy techno should be the name of The Japanese Popstars, these three have so much huge tracks its ridiculous. All the way from Ireland, T.J.P. took techno by surprise in 2010 when they moved on to Sir Richard Branson's own Virgin Records. These guys's music speaks for itself check out their latest installment Vision/Heavy Hitter with remixes from the one and only Sharooz and Coyu.

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