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Electric Youth Supremacy is a EDM Blog from San Diego, CA. We do it big, funky, dirty and just plain sexy. What's hot in the underground and new upcoming artists that are killing it. Our blog is about the love for Electric Dance Music of all kinds. We stay true to our root's and what is hitting big in the scene. We keep you updated on upcoming shows, events and festivals around the world. New release's and upcoming artists are always a must in any blog so expect it. "Don't talk about it be about it!"

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This post is all about that dirty techno going around these days, hard synth work and some sirens are always good. Check this new track out made by none other than Pilo & Sinden out now on BNR. Huge F***ing track for sure!

All these new releases on GND are completely immaculate, the artists being signed to this label are incredible. Nothing but straight bangers and sick ass artwork for sure (this one is courtesy of none other than Mr. Magnetik). Check out this new release with two incredible remixes, huge props to Shadow Dancer.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Here at EYS we love all the underground music especially the music coming from France. This post goes out to all the people tho are a part of this scene. We are definitely looking forward to the future of this music scene!

This EP is the newest release on none other than frenchman Molecule's own record label Mille Feuilles. MF is definitely a huge record label with some big releases from such artists as Turbo Turbo, Jensen Interceptor, Carretta and Workerpoor, and Modek just to name a few. Without further adieu we have one of the tracks on this EP (which is from Japan's own Baroque). Keep a look out for this guy he's definitely putting some great sounds on the table.  

If you haven't heard of Turbo Records then you have been living under a rock, founder and label head Tiga has a new one for you. The vocals on this track are definitely infecting and very catchy (as well as the synth work).  If you're looking for a great techno track with an old school feel then this one if for you. Pick it up now through Turbo Records.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Techno is what we love here at EYS and we love to showcase those artists who have been laying down the example for all. The new producers have been definitely putting out great material and learning a thing or two from the OGs. 

Sci + Tec label head and 1/2 of the duo Deep Dish Dubfire has has a busy year with some great releases on the label. With his most recent release, a collaboration with Miss Kittin his hard work is definitely paying off. This new release is an awesome example of his talent and his years of experience.

This new remix on Ultra is probably some of the best music on it, EDM is sweeping the nation and we're not really for it. French Producer Madame has released an amazing remix with some dark synth work and epic atmospheres. Check it out!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Techno has taken a huge step from what it was a couple of years ago, the music is evolving in a great form! More and more techno artists are being seen headlining around the world in music festivals. We could easily say its coming back and its definitely here to stay! We have some great tracks for all of you followers to jam out to.

First off we have Tesla286 with a huge release on AYCB. This guy has definitely made a big mark in the scene with remixes from Djedotronic! His infecting synths and great drum programing are immaculate and definitely some of the best. Give it up for Tesla286 everybody!

Next up we have Joe Farr with a great EP, this release is pure dark sexiness some hard work was put into these tracks. His synths are very well processed and the drum work is for sure something to brag about. These tracks have some crazy atmospheres this guys is making a name for himself (not to mention he has remixed some huge names in techno).

Last but definitely not least we have some Depeche Mode remixes from some huge artists! These two are definitely huge names in the industry and have made their mark. We have none other than Djedjotronic and Boys Noize with some great techno for everyone to enjoy! These two remixes have an amazing analog feel and are pure gold! Check it out!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

We're back with another edition of weekend freebies, here at EYS we like to post whats hot in the underground electronic music world. We have some great summer tracks to play on your way to the beach this summer. Get ready for some great material that will blow your mind and best of all they're are free downloads!

First off we have none other than italian duo Blitzkrieg with a new EP that will blow your mind. The arpeggios and crazy synth work in these tracks is immaculate for sure. Watch out for these guys in the years to come, techno atmospheres and great soundscapes are amazing in their tracks. With a new EP out on Underwater Accoustics I'm sure this one will hit big!

French phoneme Molecule has released a track that is spectacular and should get all the exposure it can get! This epic synth work is for sure something to brag about, the analog resonance from this piece of work is extraordinary (to say the least). His previous releases have been incredible and this one is not an exception.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I recently ran into this EP and I have been wanting to share it so badly, very dark presence! This EP features some great atmospheres and very good melodic structure. I love this type of dark techno it has some great vibes. The album cover looks pretty sinister, and not to mention it has an remix from Riton. Curses - Call The Doctor out on Throne of Blood huge EP for sure (Curses being Drop The Lime's new alter ego).

This next EP is from Vito and Druzzi it also has a great atmosphere and huge percussive elements. I  am glad I found this label it definitely has some great music not to mention some good artists i had never heard before. Give it up for Throne Of Blood everybody!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Mumbai Science is a techno duo out of Belguim who hit it big in the scene with their release of Ancova and Gold back in 2010. These guys have been releasing pure gold like their track! With their most recent release their Déjà Vu album they have made an imprint for themselves for many years to come. Their original sound and huge collaborations have made this album a masterpiece for sure. Out now on Lektroluv Records, don't forget to pick it up.

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